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People are such JERKS

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So I was walking Ozzy. Big deal. Whoo.

There's this guy in our neighborhood with a Weimereiner (sp?) and I already know he's a jerk. One time Aiden got out (Mom let him out on accident, oops), and he FLIPPED out. Saying we need to control our ******* dogs and it's people like us that shouldn't own dogs, blah blah blah.

I was going to play fetch with Ozzy, but he was there. So instead, I walked through and headed home. He said, "Great, a dressed up ankle biter." (Ozzy was in his jacket - it was cold out, I wish I took my jacket).

I'm fed up with people calling him an ankle biter. I walked up to him and said, "Excuse me? My 'ankle biter' is actually a POMERANIAN, and a well behaved one at that! So you can shut the h*** up and mind your own d*** business!" During this time, Ozzy sat right next to me, and his dog sat there waiting for him to throw the frisbee.

Then I walked away and he stood there dumbfounded. I think the way I'm dressed helped in my favor. Haha.

Not the best approach, but I'm sick of just 'ignoring' people who think they're better than everyone else. Kick in happy pills, kick in happy pills, kick in happy pills.....
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When Baby was a puppy he didn't have much hair, probably because of his Immune system problems. Since we had several nasty cold fronts move in that year, I had a blast buying him various sweaters to keep warm in. He loved being in them ; when dressed up he would strut around like **** of the walk. My favorite was the Black Sweater with the Red zig zags. it was spiffy.

Jelpy and the mesquite mafia

OMG someone else who says spiffy!!! i'm so excited now lol. Okay back on topic. Honestly i call little dogs ankle biters. then it goes up to calf biters. knee biters. hips biters (GSD, dobermans ect) then its up to dogs like Great Danes and Irish wolfhounds which fall into the "play nice they are head biters". my dogs always go for the knees though so their kinda goofy in where they sit. Some dogs dont have the double coat thing going on and i can understand dressing up a short coated breed or one who doesnt have hit full coat yet like Ozzy. This guy was rude and really should just learn to keep his mouth shut. Even his weim would probably be grateful for a jacket as he is a short coated breed that DOESNT have the undercoat to help regulate his temps in colder weather.
I normally am. I usually either ignore them or say something back that's unoffensive, but I went off of my medicine about two months ago because I felt it wasn't doing anything, but after a little while, I realized that it WAS doing something, so now I'm working my way back up to my normal dosage. I have bipolar depression, and have serious issues controling my anger. I slip into rages quite often, so I'm waiting for my meds to kick back in fully before I get myself in trouble....

sounds like what my doctor said my deal was. not sure i want to do medications though.
i have trouble keeping my mouth shut and my opinions to myself. I dont take insults regarding me, my family or my dogs. I'm 23 and female as well. Yes things can happen but they can happen whether you day anything or not. My dogs are well behaved. If someone is insulting myself or them, they better have a good reason behind it. They WILL get a piece of my mind.
You can be strong minded without putting yourself in harm's way. I not that much older than the rest of you (26) but I agree with Rerun.

Too many people these days can't control themselves and will kill people over the stupidest thing.

To me, a strong minded WOMAN is one who knows when to keep their mouth shut, shake her head and move on and when to pick her battles. Arguing with an ignorant stranger gets you nowhere fast and potentially somewhere bad faster. And it has nothing to do with how old or young you are.

my husband keeps me from meeting his superiors because he's afraid i'll offend someone. I know when to keep my mouth shut despite not wanting to sometimes. I hate picking my battles but i do. Sometimes though, people just need to be told off.
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