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People are such JERKS

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So I was walking Ozzy. Big deal. Whoo.

There's this guy in our neighborhood with a Weimereiner (sp?) and I already know he's a jerk. One time Aiden got out (Mom let him out on accident, oops), and he FLIPPED out. Saying we need to control our ******* dogs and it's people like us that shouldn't own dogs, blah blah blah.

I was going to play fetch with Ozzy, but he was there. So instead, I walked through and headed home. He said, "Great, a dressed up ankle biter." (Ozzy was in his jacket - it was cold out, I wish I took my jacket).

I'm fed up with people calling him an ankle biter. I walked up to him and said, "Excuse me? My 'ankle biter' is actually a POMERANIAN, and a well behaved one at that! So you can shut the h*** up and mind your own d*** business!" During this time, Ozzy sat right next to me, and his dog sat there waiting for him to throw the frisbee.

Then I walked away and he stood there dumbfounded. I think the way I'm dressed helped in my favor. Haha.

Not the best approach, but I'm sick of just 'ignoring' people who think they're better than everyone else. Kick in happy pills, kick in happy pills, kick in happy pills.....
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I usually don't respond to these kinds of posts, but you're young and I've read several of them lately.

You need to be careful talking to people the way you do. You don't know these people, and I guarantee you that you have no idea what goes on in this world - no matter how nice your neighborhood is. Take it from someone who does know what goes on out there - next time someone makes a comment about your or your dog, either don't respond at all or say "thank you" politely and be on your way.

One day you're going to say something to the wrong person and being a young female, it isn't going to go well for you. Please be careful, and don't take such offense to what people think of your dog.
I'm sorry, but I had to reply to this.

I'm a young female as well, and I speak my mind when someone insults me or my dog like this, too. I know what goes on in the world, I'm not naive or oblivious, but I'm not going to be walked all over because I'm afraid of what someone could say or do to me being a young girl. I carry a knife and mace on my walks, have taken a self-defense class, and I'm not afraid to use any of it if I had to.

Just my input.
You can stand up for yourself without being offensive to the person. Attack their words, not them. You'll find yourself getting in less trouble, and you won't stoop to their level.

I believe that whenever someone does or says something that is hurtful to someone else, they need to be corrected for it by the rest of society. Ignoring it makes them think it's acceptable for them to do it and they are special because they alone can get away with it. It's like people who steal things for the sake of stealing things, they get a thrill over not getting in trouble for doing something unacceptable.

If we all stood up for ourselves, I think there would be far less people looking around for a cheap shot at someone. Most people are not looking for confrontation when they are rude to a perfect stranger, they are looking to get away with it.
I agree with this.
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