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German Shepherd cattle dog
My beautiful Luke
Underweight gsd male
He's not registered 😢
I am looking for German Shepherd girl puppy
My puppies ears are up at 7 weeks so I don't understand what your vet was saying. Just because the ears are up early doesn't mean she is not purebred
A beautiful dog
He’s one of a kind
Reya at 10 weeks old.
3 months old
This Cynder, she is 6 months old.
This is my Hades, he is German Shepherd with a little Siberian husky in him from his mother, Clarice, who is 70 / 30 gsd / husky. Hannibal, his father, is German Shepherd.
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Two pictures of bruce at the park He loves playing in puddles and digging holes
German Shepard puppy 5 months old
The new pups, set out to get one, and
We sadly lost her to Addisons Disease (she went from bad to great to terrible very fast. Her body couldn't handle the shock of the disease and ultimately it took her.)
8 month old male listens than doesn’t follow commands than disregards
Willow and her buddy Ellvis- waiting for Daddy to get home!
Hey everybody! This is my new dog Koda, someone told me that they’ve never seen a Shepherd like this before and that there’s no way he’s a shepherd. The only real way to know is if I have him properly DNA tested, but what do you guys think?
Czechslovakian German shepherd
Monday morning, do we have to get up now?