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Welcome to the GSD/FAQ's for the first time owner

Are you new to the GSD or just getting your first dog? This section is here to help answer and direct you to the answers to your questions. MEMBERS CANNOT POST TO THIS FORUM.
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Introductions & Welcome Mat

If you are a new member and would like to introduce yourself this is where to be.
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Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Share photos of yourself and companions here.
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Special Interest

Take a Poll

Let your voice be heard on the issues.
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Current Dog Affairs

Government legislation, breed ban issues, news stories, etc...
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Favorite Links, Books and Videos!

Share your favorite dog related web sites, books and videos here.
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Life With Our Dogs

General Information

Topics that do not fit into any of the other categories.
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Share personal stories & experiences with a GSD.
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Share special accomplishments, events, traits and characteristics here.
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Happy Birthday / Gotcha Day

This is the place to wish Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day to our Dogs. Let's celebrate each year of their lives!
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In Loving Memory

Share your memories of the companions & friends we have loved and lost.
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Preparing to Say Good Bye

Dedicated to Millie and her best friend Donna who stimulated much converstation on the last day. This is the place to ask questions and share experiences.
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Events & Club Info

Get & give info on events and clubs in your, or other, areas.
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The Puppy Place

Finding the Right Puppy

Questions & Advice on the search for the right puppy for you.
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Choosing A Breeder

Questions & advice on choosing the right breeder.
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General Puppy Stuff

General forum for questions and comments about your puppy that don't fit elsewhere.
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Training Our Puppy (basic)

All aspects of puppy training.
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Puppy Behavior

Behavior relating specifically to puppies. Is this normal?
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Feeding Our Puppy

All aspects of feeding for healthy puppies.
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Puppies/Raw Diets

Information on how to start and feed a raw diet to our puppies.
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Development & Socialization

Discussions on puppy physical development and socialization to bring out potential.
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Ears Up??????

Questions about those ears go here.
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Training & Behavior of the GSD

Training Theory & Methods

Discussions on the many different methods we use to train our GSDs.
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How do I (teach my dog to)?

This is the place to ask all those "how do I teach my dog to" sit, focus, heel, etc..questions.
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Equipment (how to use/where to find)

Discussions on what equipment works best for what and where can you buy that equipment? Should you use a prong, halti, or flat collar? Where can you find the right size crate for your GSD? Ask here.
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General Behavior

Good or bad? Ask your behavior questions here.
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Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)

Post any questions or concerns regarding aggression shown by GSDs.
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Finding a Good Trainer

Need help finding a good trainer? Ask others to help you out here.
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GSD Rescue Information

Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption

These dogs are currently living in High Kill Shelters and need immediate rescue! (Pure Bred GSD postings only)
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Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption

(Pure Bred GSD postings only)
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Rescue, Foster & Adoption Information (General)

Questions, comments or anything else related to rescue. (No dog postings please)
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Health & Wellness

Health Issues

General questions and comments about your dogs health.
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Diet & Nutrition

All topics relating to diet & nutrition including home cooked diets.
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B.A.R.F./Raw Feeding

All aspects of feeding B.A.R.F./Raw diets
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Basic Care

Grooming, vet check-ups, spaying & neutering, dental hygiene, etc...
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Trade your favorite gourmet recipes here.
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The Senior Dog

Love those seniors, discussions on old age.
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Holistic/Homeopathic Practices

All things natural.
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Show those Hips

For posting hip x-rays for evaluation and education. Photos must by no larger than 800X600.
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Thinking About Becoming A Breeder?

Questions & comments on the process of becoming a breeder.
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Pregnancy, Whelping & Raising a Litter

Questions and advice on how a responsible breeder handles the pregnancy and whelping and what it takes to raise a well-balanced litter
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Breeding - General

All aspects of breeding the German Shepherd Dog.
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Bloodlines & Pedigrees

All discussion relate to GSD bloodlines and pedigrees.
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The Breed Standard

The "Breed Standard," includes appearance and temperament. Discussion here.
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Genetic Issues

All questions and comments relating to the genetics of the breed.
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Critique My Dog

To help gain a better understanding of GSD conformation. Please read the rules before posting
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Schutzhund/IPO and Protection Sports Schutzhund/IPO; SDA; French, Mondio and Belgian Ring; PSA

Schutzhund/IPO Training

All aspects of the sport of Schutzhund/IPO.
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  • 5.4M

Other Protection Sports

For discussion of SDA, Ringsport (French, Mondio, Belgian), PSA and Other Protection Sports
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Dog Sports

Obedience & Rally

Competing with your dog, discussion goes here.
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Anything regarding the sport of herding goes here.
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Anything regarding the sport of agility goes here.
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Nosework, Scentwork, Detection, Tracking, Trailing

Nosework / Scent Work/ tracking/ trailing discussion, all venues welcome.
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Showing (Conformation)

Discussion relate to the (conformation) showing/exhibiting.
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Miscellaneous Dog Sports

Discuss any dog sports not listed above including dock diving, flyball, skijoring, lure coursing, hiking, biking, etc.
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Working Dogs

Search & Rescue

Stories, experiences, information and questions Search & Rescue and the GSD.
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Guide, Therapy & Service Dogs

Guide, therapy and service dogs add hope to lives. Experiences, comments or questions.
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  • 1.5M

Police K-9

Everything relating to K-9 Cops, their training, selection and......
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  • 1.3M

Military Dogs

For dogs working in the military around the world
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Personal Protection Dogs

Everything related to personal protection dogs.
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GSD Classifieds We neither endorse nor stand behind these vendors or their claims/products. Vendors

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Trading Post -> Non-Commercial Trades and Sales

Do you have something you just don't use anymore? Offer your used equipment and items to other members here. Dog related items only, please! There are no sales of dogs on this forum - posts will be deleted.
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Vendor Deals

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The Best of the Board Archives
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Archive 5: Health & Wellness

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Archive 6: Breeding

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Archive 10: Monthly Photo Contest

Archived, no longer active
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Archive 11: Weekly Discussion Topics

Archived - No Longer Active
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  1. Stories
    I love to play piano and Hunter would come in and plop down under the piano when I’d start to play. Sometimes he’d sing along (loved Rachmaninov). Sometimes he’d critique - I knew I needed more practice if he’d leave lol. I miss him so much. I have some “piano” friends who commented on how...
  2. Hello to the forum. I registered in hopes that there may be more loving pet owners with a similar situation and who may be able to direct me to the latest sources of information regarding Hemangiosarcoma. I lost my boy Klaus on Sunday evening to this horrible disease. I brought him into the...
  3. Hi all, I am hoping some one can provide some support to what i believe is a giant injustice regarding my white female gsd, who just turned 8. She was prescribed antibiotics for a u.t.i. which she was on for about a month. on a subsequent visit the vet said I had to have rabies as it is state...
  4. Hello, I have a weird situation that’s really worrying me. Long story short I have an 11.5 week old German Shepherd female who weighs about 15 LBS. Last Sunday we noticed she started limping and running sideways. Her gait was super off. First thing we did was make an appointment with our vet...
  5. Health Issues
    My boyfriend and I have two 15 week old GSD puppies and Apollo has been significantly sick since we brought him home. A week or so ago he started doing something that the vet said was “reverse sneezing”. This past sunday we took him in for his final parvo shot and his rabies vaccine. Sunday...
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