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Zootoo Shelter Makeover Competition

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I thought the rescue folks might be interested to see the final contestants.

Several of them appear on here regularly. Our two local SPCA locations are finalists. I don't think they should win. They are very well funded and the facilities at the one I go to are really nice compared to most of the shelters I've ever visited. I have never been in there when all the kennels are full and most of the dogs come from outside of this area. I think it's great that they bring so many dogs up here (and they have a very high and very quick adoption rate because they do no checking) but I'd rather see a shelter that was in poor condition and didn't have good funding get this award. Our city pound is disgusting but of course it didn't make the finals.
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My local humane society is #1. They are very rural and could definitely use the makeover!! They used to have a really neat cat house next door to the main shelter building, but it was not structurally safe and could no longer be used.
The local campaigning to get us to #1 was amazing!!
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My local shelter DAWS came in 8th, i went to their open house party last thursday, the mayor was there and everything! Im really hoping they get it! Our facility is falling apart!
Well I hope the bunnies get it! Time for a little recognition for the 3rd most abandoned pet after cats and dogs :)
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