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Zonya's puppies are 8 weeks old!

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Crazy how quickly time has passed! Half of them have gone to their new homes across the country! I have a couple club members who have volunteered to foster one, so we can start their training and get them separated. We are keeping back one male and a female and putting some Narcotics training on them. They will be placed as Duel Purpose K9s. The rest I will wait until I find good sport homes for! These pups have kept me very busy, but all the research and planning that went into this litter is paying off. We are super happy with them!

Here are a few pics ranging from 6.5-7.5wks

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The pups look great!

I have always admired the Dutchies, great breed but not sure I am that good of a handler yet.. ;)

Poor Momma and her hurt leg, she looks so upset in that last photo... give her a squeeze for me. Hope she feels better soon.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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