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zoning board and their stinking rules

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Well I was all set to put up our stockade fence in the back yard for Baron and went to get my permit. Now previously I had called the zoning office and asked about the rules for fencing and was told that 6' stockade was allowed along my property line in the back of the house only 3 foot was allowed out front. Hey no problem the fence will only be out back. When I got there the rules were different. Seems I have to be 50 foot off the road in the back yard and 50 foot off the road in the front yard and I can do 6' along the side by that road. my property is only like 180 feet front to back and 30 something of thats the house HELLO I'll have something about the size of a rubix cube in my back yard. It would look like a hallway running across the back yard. Jeez. I can put cyclone along the property line because you can see through it but who can afford it! I need like 380 linear feet. So were trying tuesday again with plan D 2x4 rolled welded fencing nailed to 4x4 posts with a 2x4 top on it, like a country fence. Hopefully this will be ok because I hate keeping Baron all cooped up in the house, If I walk him anywere but our yard the ticks get us. Wish me luck.

ps does anybody else deal with these rediculous rules or is it just a jersey thing. Because I know were the capital of stupid rules.
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Hmmm... sounds odd to me but two things come to mind immediately. 50' from what part of the road? Most times (but I'm not sure about Jersey), it's measured from the centerline of the road and most roads are wider than you think. Second, you can always request a variance and go to the Zoning Board of Adjustments. You'll have to explain why you are unable to follow the zoning code and prove a hardship but in your case... it sounds like it renders your property unusable.

Just a thought... check the code again in case you missed something or they didn't give you the whole story... most jurisdictions have them online.

(Not that they wouldn't intentionally give you the whole story but searching the code is probably not their first priority)
I found out about that in my city, too. I'm on a corner and unless I set the fence 35 feet back from the street, it's going to have to be 4 foot tall and 75% see through.

My current fence is a 4 foot picket. I'm going to do some fudging and see if anybody notices. I hate it when my dogs see something that they want and start barking like crazy. (I have a typical 1/4 acre lot.)
Well we just went to him with the other fence and he said "oh thats like a agricultural fence no problem" Walaaa permit. I really wanted the solid fence so Baron couldn't see the outside world and bark like crazy but this will have to suffice. At least I can have him outside and off leash. I thought about the whole going in front of the zoning board thing but I don't have the time or energy to fight. Plus this fence is going to be a thousand cheaper sooo.
Blackpuppy how do they determine something 75 percent see through?? Thats the funniest thing I've ever heard
Well, my pickets are spaced one picket apart, that's 50%. For 75%, I would need 3 picket widths between my pickets.

Sorry for the late reply. How did I even find this subject!
Can you plant a fast growing shrub next to the fence to make it non see through?
how about 4foot fencing?? I know here, if you want 6 foot you have to go thru zoning , but 4 foot, no zoning.

I have the type of fencing your thinking of. Personally I like it, tho it's not stockade.

It was cost effective, and looks like horse fencing..It actually ended up being about 5 feet, but I'm not telling:)
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