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Well I heard back from the dr. The mass that the dr. took out from Zeus last week was cancer. I was so upset to hear this!!! I do feel good that the mass was taken out and I hope they got all the cancer out but...this is all new to me. I do not know anything about this. The vet referred me to an oncologist for Zeus. The closest is about an hour and a half away but that's OK, we'll travel if it means getting him better.

The dr. said that the cancer could have spread to other parts of his body but he doesn't know if it did or not. I would have to go to the specialist to find that out.

I just don't know what to expect. Does anyone have experience with this? I don't know if the dr. does some kind of body scan to see if the cancer spread or if he gives him some kind of medicine to lessen the chance of the cancer spreading.

I get sooooo mad sometimes! Only if these people, (and I use the term, people, loosely!!) had gotten him neutered or at least noticed that his testicles had not descended and did something about it - Zeus wouldn't have had cancer in his body. They didn't even feed him though...

I wonder if there's ever a chance of the dr. removing the mass and the cancer never coming back. Am I just dreaming??!!

I feel like we are in this black cloud!!!
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Linda, I'm sorry to hear that the mass turned out to be cancer. I dont have any advice or words of wisdom for you as I haven't gone through this, but it's definitely great that the doc removed the mass and that Zeus is healing well.

Hopefully, someone will chime in and be able to give you some advice. I just wanted to let you know that Im thinking of you all and I love all of your pictures.

How old is Zeus? He is such a beautiful boy!!
The torsion was probably worse than the cancer. Testicular cancer is usally treatable, especially if the cancer is encapsulated in the testicles (which it sounds like it was). They can do x-rays and an ultrasound to determine if the cancer has spead. Depending on that, chemo or radiation may be something to consider.
Hopefully they got it all and it hadn't spread!
Good luck.
Healing thoughts and big ((((hugs))) for Zeus!
Sending hugs and prayers to you and Zeus!!!
More Hugs and Prayers and Positive thoughts coming your way for Zeus.
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Thank you everyone. I'm making an appt. to see the oncologist. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

I believe Zeus is about 9 years old. We adopted him 8 years ago from a shelter and they told us he was a year old. Which I didn't believe. I thought he was older. They also said he was neutered and that wasn't true so.... I'm not taking their word on his age either. Let's just say he's somewhere around the age of 10. He is feeling so much better since getting that mass removed. I hope that the dr. was able to remove all the cancer when he removed the testicles but...we'll have to wait and see. I hope you are right GS Mom. I hope the torsion was worse than the cancer. I'll let you guys know how we make out.
Linda, sending you and Zeus prayers and hugs. May the oncologist give you good news, and you can breathe a sigh of relief-- and go forward with your lives. I know how stressful and sickening this feeling can be, our dogs mean everything to us.. they're family. Here is to getting a good report from the specialist as soon as possible-- for your sake as well as Zeus's! I am wishing only the best for you and sweetie Zeus!
Awww, thanks Patti!!

Zeus got his staples taken out today - well really yesterday since it's past 1:30 in the morning. I know - what the heck am I doing up. lol Anyway, Zeus got his staples taken out today. All 40 of them.
They went from his stomach to down the side of his wee-wee. Poor thing! But he did very well. And I can tell he's feeling better. I just hope it lasts for a long time!

Later today we go to the oncologist in Orlando. It's supposed to be one of the best hopsitals in the country. I hope it's true! I'm looking forward to them helping my Zeus and me coming back with some good news to tell you guys!! Keep your fingers crossed! I'll keep you updated.
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Well we went to the oncologist today in Orlando. Zeus was such a good boy!! The doctors are always so surprised how good he is because when they first see him (when I'm with him) he's barking and growling - but once they have him away from me - boy - what a big mushball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They love him!

I felt really good after speaking to the dr. She didn't want to do the xrays yet because she said he still has air inside of him from the surgery. She said that will go away in a short time.
She said to come back in 2 weeks to do a full set of xrays. As of now she went over everything else, paperwork, first xrays, bloodwork, etc... She said she feels very good that they got it all out and it won't spread. Of course they can't be 100% sure but she said it looks really good. I was happy enough to hear that!! I'll be even happier when we go back in 2 weeks to do all the xrays and everything really looks good!

Thank you everyone for the good wishes! It looks like they are working!
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I'm glad to hear that!

Hope that's the end of it and it's all gone.
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