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Zac's first time at grooming salon...

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Well...little Zac's got an appointment at 11am at Cutee's Pet Salon. His first bath and time alone with strangers.
He's been scratching alot - we thought it might have been fleas so we dusted him with flea powder, but he was still scratching.
We then thought his skin might be dried out but he's such a little wiggleworm and crocodile that we can't get close enough to check him out!

We're not allowed to be present with him when he has his bath as the employees like to spend quite a bit of time with puppies when they're there - getting them used to them, the water, and making it a positive experience.
But I'm still being the worried's his first time completely alone with strangers since we got him!
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I almost cried when they told me I had to leave Ivan for maybe 2 hours!! It was his first time we got him groomed (he was a rescue and was about 1½ yrs. old).

I was soo worried about leaving him with strangers, but he loves people (the other dogs, not so much)

He felt and smelled soooo good!! He was like a soft, silky, new dog. Totally worth worrying about, imo.
Oh my gosh, Buck loves to go to the groomers, he loves to be blow dried at the groomers they have industrial dryers and they blow out a ton of air and Buck gets right in front of it and stands there until he is dry. Its amazing because he is afraid of loud bangs/noises. Bucks a hoot.

Lewie he loves the groomer but hates getting blow dryed, so he has to be toweled really well and air dried. What a crew I have but it all works out.

My groomer she is great and its so worth taking them.
Oh dear...he's home now and apparently he was VERY vocal about his feeling about being left there and being bathed.
I hope this doesn't result in him being scared to be left alone or being groomed.
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I just use a self wash room. That way I get to do all the grooming and i don't have to clean up! Also, I figure if I am going to have to drive there to drop them off and pick him up I might as well just groom them.
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