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yuck command

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How do you teach it? Enoch puts everything in his mouth and it is always a struggle to get it out of his mouth.
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i taught my boy leave it by placing a treat on the floor. i have my dog on the leash. i walk him up to it and say leave it. i don't let him touch the treat but i let get so close that only a hair is seperating him from the treat. when he's close to the treat i say leave it and i turn or pull him from it. i just walk him up to the treat say leave it and turn away. now he does it off the leash. when we're in the woods and he wants something i think he shouldn't have i say it and he walks away. now when i play ball with him i throw the ball he retreives it and i say drop it and he does. i didn't really teach him drop it he just does it on his own. in teaching leave it we only did it in short sessions. we would only approach the treat 3 or 4 times in one session but i did it 3 to 5 times a day. everything we taught him we did in short sessions but 3 to 5 times a day. my GF and i always discuss his training so we're doing it the same and using the same words. well i have to go, my neighbors Shep just came over to the fence and barked and that means let Loki out. so i'm going to put him in their yard. i love watching them run together.
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