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yuck command

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How do you teach it? Enoch puts everything in his mouth and it is always a struggle to get it out of his mouth.
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ok,to train for leave it,you need to put a treat on the floor in front of your pup,and have another in your hand soon as she try to eat the treat on the floor,cover it with your left hand,and give command:"leave it",when she stops trying to eat it,give the treat in your hand with praise.
then uncover the treat on the floor and repeat as before.this could take a little time for her to get use to.
with my 2 gsd,i put a treat in front of them and say "leave it"then i wait,and then i give the command "take it" and they take the treat.
now the "drop it" command,a little harder to deal with but possible.
first don't use treat because it will be gone in a flash.use a toy or something she likes to hold in her mouth.
have her take the toy and give the command to drop it,as you grab the object put a treat right in front of her nose and again give the command of "drop it"if she let go,give her treat and praise.
you may have to be more aggressive to remove the object at first,but she will let go if the treat is yummy!
just train for 5-10 minutes at the time,2-4 time a day,she'll get it.
good luck!
if anyone would like to add to this method or have a better solution,please do.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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