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...people just let their dogs run lose again.

In this area it's particularly Labs.

Last Friday two Senior Lab Females were on the lose on one of the most busiest roads in town. No collars on, nothing. So I hunted them up and down the road. Another woman and her son stopped. I tried to get pedestrian to stop the dogs and one woman was like "Are they yours?" and I was like "NO, I just do not want them to get run over by a car."
"Well, don't concern yourself with these dogs then."
Um... you can see the sign on my car, right? You know, that big fat Shepherd head? What kind of person would I be if I wouldn't concern myself?

Anyhow, because of that woman I lost the labs out of sight. They went on the other side of the neighborhood. I went back into the car and drove up the road only to see... THE LABS! crossing the road again. So I pulled over, tried to lure them to me. They turned around and went the other way. A big F250 stopped on and intersection. One of the Labs went around the truck as if she wanted to jump in. She's had enough, while the other one ran down the road towards the Animal Hospital which was over a mile to go.

Have you ever tried to play the chase game around a car? That's what I did with the Lab. Finally I caught her and held her on her scruff. No collar and I left the leash in the car because I was in such a hurry. Two boys walked by. I asked if they could run to my van and get a leash out.

I had just put the girl into the van when dog control stopped behind me. I know the Lady, it's the same woman that stood by me on the Farmers Market. She was chasing the two females for over an hour too. I asked if she wanted to take the female and she said "Yeah".
She then had to go to an accident where a dog was caught underneath. Poor thing probably didn't make it and I said I would go up the road to see if we can get the other dog. The other woman was going up the road too.

When we got to the Animal Hospital I saw that another woman had caught the Lab. It was a prior client of mine but she did not want to give up the dog to Dog Control, she was worried that they would put them down and how she would get back to her owner. Others indicated they were just let go but they were groomed to well for that. I think they got out of a yard.

What makes me angry is that they had no collars on. On top of that, no micro chip either.

Anyhow, fast forward.

I'm sitting on my computer and all of a sudden I see a black Lab in my frontyard. He was to big to be one of the dogs I'm boarding right now. I went outside, with a leash in my hand. He looked at me, stiff, head down, snarled and ran the the very end of the yard. I thought "Great... on of those.."

He hid in a corner, furthest away from me. Tail tucked, head down, eyes on half moon and I knew that I wouldn't get him out of that corner without him going after me, so I went down on my knees trying to lure him out of there. He started running to the other corner and was pacing back and forth between the corners, right behind the treehouse and I was glad that I had the dogs in the house and closed the door to the yard. They would have went ballistic and with this one, that was the last thing I needed.

I stepped to the side to give him a chance to come out from behind the treehouse. He used the opportunity but as soon as I tried to get any closer he went after me and almost bit me. I stood my ground, stomped down and was like "You are in MY frontyard, you are not going to bite me! We can do this the good way or I'm going to chase you out of here!" and chased him back into that corner where we started out.

That's when a Pick Up Truck drove up with a yelow lab in the flatbed. He rolled the window down and I asked "Is this your dog?" and he said "Yes, that is mine." and walked around the fence.
The dog obviously knew him but when he put the leash on him I wouldn't have been surprised if he got bit. That dog has some serious issues. However, it turns out that the neighbors from over the road, two houses down, have two yellow Labs. I heard dogs bark from over there all winter long but never got to actually see them. Now I got to know my neighbor and the barking dogs.

He told me that he's got great dane in him and that is why he likes to run. I did not see any great dane but I wasn't arguing, just glad that the dog was out of my frontyard and I could open the door to the yard again, because mine and the boarding dogs were getting antsy inside.

When I looked out of the window, the black lab was hanging on a longline and barking up the tree to a Squirrel...

So yeah... winter is over, summer is coming, the dogs are on the lose again...:help:
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