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York, SC BiColor A042828 -PTS Tues 11-2 to rescue updates please!

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Recieved in e-mail. Dies tomorrow. If anyone can help, please contact ASAP.

Very pretty bi-color, approx 3 rs old.
DUE OUT BY 11/02/2010


"Daily Rescue Animals"

The following is a list of animals currently available at York County Animal Control.

The following are standard criteria:

1. The animal has had a health check at the time they were selected for rescue, with any abnormalities noted listed in the electronic kennel record.
2. The animal appeared to be amicable towards people, other dogs and cats at the time that they were selected for rescue.
3. Other notable criteria, if any (such as basic obedience skills, appears housetrained, etc.) will have been noted in the electronic kennel record.

If there is an asterisk (*) after the "DUE OUT BY" date, this indicates there is additional information regarding this animal that you may find helpful

Please contact us at (803) 628-3190 if you wish this additional information.
All information provided regarding an animal should be considered a "snapshot" window in time, to the best of our abilities, in a high intake shelter enviroment.


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Oh poor baby!!!! I will send money to help for an approved rescue group!!!!!!

I spoke with Tracy at the shelter. The pretty shepherd is named "Baby". They estimate this girl at 3 yrs old. They say she is very sweet, and likes to lean up against you for attention. She is an owner surrender. Claims she was getting protective over the children (typical shepherd behavior). They decided to dump her rather than train her. Don't know if that is true, or just something they made up. She is currently being kenneled with another dog and having no issues. She is marked "rescue only" as she is HW positive. There is no pull fee for rescues. She needs commitment/out of shelter by 5 pm tomorrow. They could possibly hold for another 24 hours if commitment rec'd. Is not available for public adoption.

If any rescue can help, shelter number is (803) 628-3190. If all lines are busy, message says office is closed. Just need to call back, as they are there 7-5.
I've contacted Intake Information - Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab, Inc. to see if they can help.

I've pointed them here.


Robert Davis
Oh my poor baby. Why not released for adoption???
Hi everyone:

I know of a woman in Charleston, SC who is looking to adopt a female gsd. If a rescue could get this sweet girl and treat her HW - I think we have a forever home for her.

If there is anything I can do to hook the rescue up with this woman, please let me know.

Also emailed Hollow Creek Farm dog, horse and livestock rehabilitation rescue in York County, South Carolina which is in York County....I'm so hoping for this poor baby.
Please have them contact the Hollow Creek Farm place....they are closest and would probably be best bet.
I have an open spot- Please shoot me a call at 843-377-5380 if you are unable to pull her. We could take her- She is so close to us!
I have an open spot- Please shoot me a call at 843-377-5380 if you are unable to pull her. We could take her- She is so close to us!
That would be so awesome!!!! They are closed of course now, but will you be able to call them tomorrow? They will only give to a rescue. I can call during lunch - or on a break to see if any rescue has called to get her.

Will post anything I find out tomorrow, which is her deadline.
Please give me a call and leave me a msg on my cell- listed already- I can get a rescue in the Columbia area to help me and then I can meet them this weekend.
Thank you - I will buzz you as soon as I know something in the AM. I have a conference call but then when I get a break I will call them.
Hoping we can make the magic happen for this girl! Will be keeping fingers crossed tonight. Thank you Danielle for offering her a spot. The lady at shelter knew exactly what dog she was when I called earlier today, and the first thing she said was that she was really sweet.
Robert is calling on her today. I have someone that can pick her up on Wed. Hopeing the shelter can hold off and allow us to pick her up on Wed. Please call or text me today and let me know what they say- I work long hours during the week and I can not answer my phone but I can ck msgs and texts. (texts are easier) I am taking the paperwork for the rescue to work today so if I need to fax them anything- just let me know.
Crossing fingers this gets to the shelter before they PTS.
I will also try to shoot them a call today but won't get to until around 1PM
I have called, and was transferred to the back of the shelter...the voicemail picked up. I have left a very detailed message that we would like to have her picked up by Furlife GSD, who is working with another rescue to get her on Wed. If they could hold her that would be awesome and we would appreciate if they could. I asked if they could call me asap to let me know if they could so I could text Danielle who could get the rescue information sent over to them. I have also left Danielle's number too but did explain she works during day and may not be able to pick up phone straight away, so left them my mobile and I would text Danielle with their decision if they would let us pull her. As well I let them know we have been calling around all night to find a rescue that could get her so if we need to try to find another group if they can't hold we would keep calling around.

Fingers crossed we can get this baby to Danielle and Furlife!
She is being pulled today by Hollow Creek and will hold for Furlife GSD for 24/48 hours. Furlife is going to have her picked up tomorrow.


Hollow Creek number is 803-632-7243 and can sometimes pull and hold for 1 - 2 days but generally can't join forums as they are so if this happens again, please call them she said.

I've talked with Tanya at the shelter and gave her all the logistics and Hollow Creek is calling them too.

Thanks everyone for helping get this baby saved - she should be out of there by 5:30 PM tonight!
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