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Hello everyone, once again I am sending out a plea to help a German shep. She is an extra sweet girl. We have her as 3 yrs old, hw positive, and seems to have serious ear infections. We had her in a kennel with another dog and she got along with her just fine. At feeding time she seems to get a little food aggressive toward the other dog but not to humans, she can also be corrected when she growls at the other dog and seems to know that isn't acceptable behavior. When you correct her she gets very submissive. She can sit and lie down. I'm not sure what other commands she might know. This girl is very lovable, seems happiest when she is with you, as she is lying beside me now. She will lean against you when you pet her. I need to get her out of here by Saturday at 12:30. If you can help me with her please let me know ASAP. You can contact me at 803-628-3190 or by email at [email protected]. Because we are a shelter we do not offer transport. (**not far from Charlotte, NC**)

More information about this girl is below.

just wanted to also tell everyone that I gave the sweet GSD a bath because while she was in my office I noticed she was covered in fleas. She stood there and was really good. I also sprayed some medicine in her ears and she was fine with that too. She is such a sweet girl. Her little bit of food aggression could be because she is emaciated. I could tell more when I gave her a bath. She doesn't mind them eating she just doesn't want them getting into her bowl.

Thank you

Tracy Morgan

Adoption/Volunteer/Rescue Coordinator

York County Animal Shelter

713 Justice Blvd. / PO Box 120

York, SC 29745


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