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My dog has been on antibiotic(minor infection) and I want to give yogurt to get back good bacteria. Tried just plain yogurt and he turned his nose up to it. Tried mixing it in with regular food, same result. Thought I would try some other flavours. Question is: are all flavours safe to feed? How much at a time, how many times a day and how long do you do it?

I tried using the search feature here and typed in yougurt and nothing came up. Came here to site , but 32 pages was going to take too long, but did find one mention of yogurt in first few pages, but it didin't answer my question. If this is a repeat question sorry.
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Probably the reason you didn't find anything is because flavored yogurt is NOT recommended due to the sugar content.(Could be other reasons too.)

Since he won't eat plain yogurt, I woud try something else all together rather than flavored yogurt. (My male won't eat yogurt either. But the girls LOVE it.)
Have you tried plain yogurt along with some mashed-in banana, strawberries, or peanut butter? You know, something healthy that actually flavors the stuff. You can tell I'm not a fan of plain yogurt, either.
Renji will get flavored yogurt as a rare treat (he's getting a little strawberry Activia tonight in a frozen Kong with some peanut butter and vanilla ice cream), but that's just it- it's a *rare* treat. Not something I'd ever do on a frequent basis and actually I'm doing it because I'm out of fresh fruit. Lots of sugar in it.
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What else can be used to get the "good guys" back into their guts?
You can also buy probiotic supplements in pill/capsule form--check a healthfood store, or even a large drugstore.

Kefir is a cultured milk product sold in the dairy case at some grocery stores. It has even more good stuff than ordinary yogurt. It's about the consistency of buttermilk.

I think with the yogurt you just need to mix it with some flavor your dog likes. Put it in the blender with...liver? bacon? hot dog? chicken bouillon? There's something your dog loves that will mask the flavor of the yogurt. Get creative!
Or in a liquid form - check the refrigerated section of your local health food store!
Along the lines of what the "other Tracy" said, will your dog eat canned dog food? Maybe mixing a little canned dog food with the yogurt will mask the taste enough to get him to eat it.
I would not use cow's milk yogurt because of the high incidence of lactose intolerance in dogs. I would use goat milk yogurt, plain, no flavors. I also use a product called Fastrack to maintain or bolster the normal flora of the gut when on antibiotics or for any reason that the gut is just not right. Antibiotics wipe out all the flora, not just the bad, which opens the dog up to secondary infections such as yeast. Fastrack is an excellent probiotic and it does work.

I hope this helps,
Live culture yogurt generally contains lower levels of lactose than milk. Additionally live culture yogurt, (the only kind to use in re-establishing beneficial gut flora), contains lactase. For this reason, it's generally well tolerated even in lactase deficient individuals.

IF the problem is an allergy to cow's milk, rather than lactose intolerance, then yogurt from cows milk s/b avoided.
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