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since karma is officially out of her first heat cycle, and we wanted to take her for a walk, we also took our two girls in their stroller. Stopped at the local rite aid, and then a small grocery store for a couple things.

Karma did amazing! First two pictures are of her and i waiting on 'mom' and 'monkey' to get done in the store while 'tiny hooman' and myself waited outside. One good thing about this virus and a GSD, is people tend to give you EXTRA wide births while walking around you lol.

This is extra handy because i wanted to give Karma as much stimulation without contact with strangers. She never barked, growled, or even had a hair rise on her back with people walking in and out of the store. We had loud trucks drive by slowly, and nothing. Lots of different people of different shapes, sizes, hair colors, hats, etc and none bothered her. (we were standing about 10'-15' away from the entrance). We even had two young men wearing hoodies walk up behind us. She altered me to them walking up behind us by turning around and sticking her head between my legs to basically watch my back. As they walked around us, she kept her eyes on them the entire time they walked into the store. Once again, not growling, not in a defensive/aggressive stance, but with tail wagging, and a watchful eye.

We even tested her on her walking. She LOVES to walk right next to 'her girls'. My wife and i took the leash and made her stop while the other pushed the stroller away to see what she would do. When we gave her the 'ok' to resume walking, she would pull you like a freight train (keep in mind i run around 270lbs) until she got to her girls, and then the leash would go limp as shown in picture 3. Monkey held the leash for awhile with a very loose grip and never had an issue.

VERY proud of her. She got LOTS of praise while we waited outside the stores, while on the walk, and after the walk. She REFUSED to go inside the house before her girls were inside. Once she noticed monkey was inside, and i had tiny hooman in my arms, she then went up the few stairs into the house.

(Posted this is the corona virus thread, but figured it also fit the brag section)
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