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I'm so happy Shadow was assessed today at dog obedience school, and has been moved to advanced. :happyboogie: She is already doing some of the things on the list for advanced, but she needs a trick. Hmmmm what constitutes a trick? She does shake, spin and rinse (thanks to a thread stosh responded to) and touch, she will touch from standing sitting or jump straight up from a down. Is this enough or should we teach her something else?

I'm a proud mummy. :p

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you could teach her to shake with either paw,
back up, heel on either side with or without a leash,
not to walk in the street when off leash, stop
at all curbs, find it (indoors and outside), retrieve things
(indoors and outside), teach her not to exit the house
when the doors are propped open (even if someone
is calling her or there's a dog 2 feet away), teach her not to exit
the car untill she's given a command, teach her to stay in the back of the
car when you exit the car in a down, hand signals.

don't push to much on her at once. i always teach one thing at a time.
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