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So today Ze'eva and myself went on a ~4 mile hike at Ft Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island and used the opportunity to also work on obedience. Ze'eva is 16 weeks old and doing amazing!

Anyways we started working on a sitting stay which went amazing for her age. She would sit and stay sitting from the sit command until I got about 15ft away and then I could tell she got a little uneasy about me moving away from her and would move close to me again. Once I had that established I started working on recall from the sit at about 10ft away and she came EVERY time with no hesitation(party due to getting small pieces of turkey hotdog each time :p). Anyways after working on this for about 30 minutes I decided to hit the trail off-leash as Ze'eva has always done really well and stayed right next to me heeling or lagging behind a little bit because of a smell or sound but then catches up as I get a little bit ahead. The ultimate test was when a mountain biker or other hikers came by I would tell her to sit and she would sit paying attention to me and ignoring the hiking or biker. Once she did get a little excited and ran towards two hikers and I called out, "Come Here" as I worked with her earlier in my normal calm, stern and assertive voice and she immediately recalled to me. I found this really impressive for a puppy this young and it makes me really happy.

Also Ze'eva is now going down from voice or just hand signal and doing so immediately. She is soooooo smart!

Next thing I need to do is find out what toy makes me excited the most to play fetch and work on getting her prey drive active so I can start working on basic SAR exercises. In about 1 month I want to start her on the basic SAR drills and exercises.
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