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Ok so this is my brag... I am OH SO EXCITED about this! Emme is 7 months old, and in the 5 months I've had her, she has NEVER been able to play with another dog properly. She gets too excited, and then both dogs get too riled up and she winds up being too aggressive and it goes downhill from there. So it is something we have been working on, and taking classes 2 nights a week.

But we had a BREAKTHROUGH last night! There has been a similar aged Border Collie at our obedience class. We are on our 3rd class. Last night at the end of class the owner brought him over to me and we did some nice introductions with the dogs and then backed away a bit.

Well then I noticed Emme doing PLAY BOW and cute, appropriate play noises! Not barking, lunging crazy puppy, but being NORMAL! I was so excited. The BC was open to playing, so we introduced again, and BINGO!

The became good buddies and happy playing ensued! It was so thrilling to watch, I never figured I'd be that excited to see my puppy finally play with another dog!!!!!

After a bit, the BC realized Em was a GIRL and was a little too interested in sniffing her parts... and so we ended things - but gosh it was so wonderful to see.

Hopefully all our hard work is paying off and we'll be able to be around other dogs in a more normal fashion sooN!
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