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Freya turned 18 months old this month. I can start to see bits of maturity every so often.

She is a super tracker. I am thinking she may be my FH dog which is cool to think about.

We almost competed this past weekend for her BH but I want to clean things up a bit more before I show her for the first time. She has a really nice heel on her and is very engaged. Her down and motions are not solid so want to work on that a bit more. She likes me a lot and this shows in her work. ? I don't think I've ever had a dog like me that much before. ?

Her protection is a bit uncontrolled still, she is a screamer so we have been working on that. She has a very deep bark which is cool coming from a 50lb female but we don't get that consistently just yet because she overloads. It's coming and we are taking it slow as not to deminish her......ummm.... Enthusiasm (aka crazy time?). She is 100% more biddable than Zefra and WANTS to please me, even in this phase and so I have been learning what its like to work WITH your dog and not have a fight every time I step on the field (Zefra: I do this, Me: no, you do this, Zefra: no.....I do THIS!).

Freys temperament is solid, nothing phases her. She is a pushy, curious, high spun girl who is happy to be involved in everything. She loves my cat, is gentle-ish with my older ill-healthed dogs and loves us. Couldn't be happier with her.


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