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It seems as there are a few of us with our dogs having a bout of Pano and a thread had me thinking....

I have switched Jake over to TOTW while I continue to research and learn about RAW feeding. On occasion I give Jake a RAW meal....before I made the recent switch to TOTW he was feed BB LB and then Acana, these changes were do to itchy skin, dandruff, inflamed ear and never good stools. Since the move to TOTW all is GREAT, but now he has a mild bout of Pano.

If high protein and calcium are the big culprits then seems like all the folks out there weening pups to RAW would all Pano.

I don't want to cause a *hit storm but I really want to understand if the food is bringing on the Pano, if it is I will run out and get some SD or something at Petsmart and stick it out another year....and take him of a good quality grain free food....and well I guess Jake can forget having Raw for quite some time as well.
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