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I mean, just, wow. How oyu gonna get rescued, but leave the dog? @$$holes.,2933,351714,00.html
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People like the Merrows don't deserve pets - I wonder why they didn't take them home with them tho - there's no followup for that - or where the original owners are ~ strange....

cute dog tho
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They're lucky Snickers didn't get eaten by the islanders they "left him with to be cared for".
To bad he couldnt have stayed on the cruise ship (I know not possible)

But boy he would have been livin' it up then! lol.

Good luck lil' guy. Hope things only get better here on out for him.
wow, that is pretty screwed up.. i wouldnt be able to be like "you know what, lets just leave the dog.."
I wish Timber and I could meet this guy. Timber, my forever GSD, seems to know a lot about strangers, and I suspect the person that left the dog would not have been well received.
Unbelievable. Timber Rocky is the same way. I have learned to trust his instinct on that one.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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