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the order from canine outfitters came last night - and i have to say, i am beyond impressed.

the quality of the goods far surpasses anything i've ever gotten the dogs before, the leatherwork is gorgeous and my expectations have been exceeded and then some.

it isn't the cheapest place - but the quality is huge! i am thrilled! i look at some of the high quality leather goods like leashes or collars i've gotten the dogs before, and they don't compare.

i got the dogs:
i love having a handle for teagan. these collars are rock solid, they are amazing. i put them on both dogs last night and they practically pranced around the house (if i didn't know better, i'd say they were showing off). teagan previously had an agitation collar with a handle, in nylon, and this one is just SO much better!

teagan got a new harness, for hiking/backpacking, plus i'd like to start tracking with the dogs:
it fits great and she looks great in it.

i've had all sorts of issues w/harnesses w/luc, rubbing and causing sores. nothing ever fits him quite right. perhaps b/c i have exercised him out of breed standard, his shape and his weight just don't mesh well with most harnesses - ruffwear has come the closest, but there are still issues. i spoke to geoff at canine outfitters, and he recommended staying away from the leather given luc's problems, so i got him the 2" reflective harness with 5 points of adjustment (grey and silver):
i put it on him last night and i've never seen a harness fit him so well. i am so excited!

the dogs also got 4' leather leads.

i don't have internet in the new place yet, and i need to find my camera, or i would include some pictures. but i would highly recommend canine outfitters - so helpful, and just great quality!
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Hmmm, I'm going to spend some time on this website today.
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