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WOW!!! There is no answer

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Okay, I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find an answer to the question "What should I feed my puppy?" The only answer I have found helpful is to find a food that has high quality (meat) protein for its first few ingredients. After that, y'all can't agree on a brand. One person likes this one, somebody else says its too high in protein. He then states the he feeds a different brand which somebody else says is too high in calcium.

My head is spinning and my puppy's poop is runny. I think I'll buy a small bag of every TOP quality food and see which he does best on...heck, I can't do that because its not good to switch their food so often.
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Hi everyone,

If we all agree that protein content does not matter for GSD's and are more concerned about levels of Calcium and Phosphorus in the kibble. Could then somebody tell me what are the acceptable levels (from - to) of Calcium and Phosphorus in the 5-6 star rated kibble for a GSD puppy and GSD adult?
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