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So I've been reading and lurking the last few months trying to soak up and retain all this information that you wonderful people are willing to share. I would absolutely love some suggestions/guidance to see if I am on the right track to finding that perfect gsd for myself and my family.

Background on us...had shepherds growing up with the occasional doberman thrown in here and there and a mutt or two. Loved them, the dogs of my childhood were awesome, well-behaved, smart, stable, and fantastic with kids and left me 100% in love with german shepherds.

I'm a dog groomer at a vet's office so my potential friend can come to work with me, no long hours home alone everyday. I also ride frequently so the dog would have a grand time at the barn playing with the crazy border collies, sniffing all the good, gross horse smells, and tagging along the trails in the foothills.

I like doing stuff with my dogs so I need a dog that wants to work and do stuff. I also have a family with one 5yr old so that dog also needs that infamous "off" switch in the house. Just an fyi, my kid is never left unsupervised with my current dogs ( not because current dogs have issues and kid is extremely mannered around animals but just because accidents happen). DH is okay with whatever I get, he loves dogs as well and takes them out, running, etc too.

What I want:
A dog who has some "go". My miniature poodle has go and he is a blast! My rottie has a little "go" if you work it out of her but she is quite content on the couch 24/7 if you let her. I don't mind exercising, playing, or doing mental work like obedience several times a day. However, I don't like the kind of dog that in the house that lies on the dog bed panting/whining because there is nothing going on. I like the fact that when we come into the house and I tell my dogs to go lie down, they do so and they are content (usually since they are so darn tired but still).

A dog that is stable with good nerves. I need a dog that can confidently accompany me everywhere. I see alot of shepherds at work and the majority of them don't have the same temperament I remember the shepherds of my childhood having.

A dog that has the potential to do schutzhund. I will admit to never having done it but it looks like so much fun that I want that option open. I know that it is a huge time commitment and since I've never done it I don't want to mislead a breeder by taking the puppy with the most potential but I wouldn't mind a club level/middle of the road type to at least try it with.

Bonus features- I am usually drawn to males but will absolutely take a female especially if the breeder thinks its a better match.

Even more bonus features- I love dark faces. The darker, the better. I would love a dark sable, bi-color, or a super dark face with a dark blanket. I would totally not base my dog on color alone though. That's just gravy.

So there you have it. If you were me, what would you buy? Showlines, czech, etc? Would prefer to stay in California but will drive a reasonable distance, kinda don't want to ship but won't rule it out completely.

I guess I should add so you have an idea of what I love and covet quite jealously its this dog. Kadja vom Adler Stein I hope that its ok to link to her, I know the breeder is on here and if its not ok, please let me know and I'll take it down.

Thank you.

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Links to a breeder's website are fine. Copying a picture without permission wouldn't be, so you're fine. Good luck in your search.

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Anne is a great breeder. I would recommend her in a heart beat. And you lije the way her dogs look, so give her a call.
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