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Those are handsome boys! I do still feel like they have excessive rear leg length, certainly compared to the GSDCA illustrated standard. That is what makes it possible for them to be stacked like they are doing a split. But I think that trait is here to stay in not only American and German show GSDs but lots of other breeds too.

I actually don't see too many Amline males lacking masculine characteristics any more either. In fact, more than anything I see ones which IMO have gone too far in the other direction. Too heavy boned, too much chest with heavy heads and "droopy" looking expressions. Roman noses seen to be becoming pretty common too, although I saw that with the overly fine boned dogs too (my 13 year old Amline bitch has a slight roman nose and she's moderate in every way). Huge bat ears used to be pretty common with Amline GSDs too but I've been seeing that a lot less as well. But that "droopy" look to me detracts from the regal look GSDs should have as much as the ultra-fine boned, pointy heads and bat ears do.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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