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Would appreciate insight into this pedigree

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I have the opportunity to get this dog as a breeder return. I know enough to see that he is a working/show cross but if anyone can give further insight I would appreciate it. The breeder shows the dogs in the UKC ring and one of his littermates is training in SAR, another is training to be a narcotics dog so they must have some ability to work. I'm looking for a house pet that I can either do agility or rally with. Thanks!

UKC CH Marybeck's Iron Man pedigree information - German shepherd dog

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How old? I would want prelims on hips and elbows at the minimum and then test the dog's drive level for food and/or toys, how it reacts to changes in environment and obstacles. No fun doing agility with a dog that you have to baby through everything because they can't deal with the obstacles or the stress of the environment during trials. I would also look at structure. Balance works best and the dog will stay sounder over the long haul. No extremes (too angulated or too straight).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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