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Would an e-collar be a good idea?

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Kodee is a housedog, and although we live on 15 acres just outside of town, our property is not fenced, and we live on a busy road. When I take Kodee outdoors, he is always on-leash, unless we are out back for exercise (farther from the road), and then he is on a long-line. This is how he gets his "running time" in. Frisbee, fetch, etc is on a long-line. However, I do not trust his recall 100%, so I am careful that he doesn't get too far from me, even on the long-line (it's a 30 foot line). Our neighbors have horses, and cattle. So far Kodee has never shown an interest in the livestock, but if he did, I am afraid he could get away from me, long line or not.

I would also like him to have more freedom to run around at the park, etc. I just don't like that he isn't allowed to run very far, b/c of safety issues. I do feel like he gets enough exercise, but he could always get more. Would an e-collar be a good tool for me in this situation? If so, which one would be the best (I would rather pay the money for a good quality one - you get what you pay for, usually). Also, how long would it take to improve his recall on an e-collar? I'm assuming I could use it for corrections for anything, if he was off-lead, but I don't want to screw up and confuse him.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would love to work w/Kodee off-lead, but I am terrified for his safety. He got hit by a car once several months ago, when I let him follow me from out back to go into our house. Normally what I do is take his long-line off, then take him into the house on a leash. About 3-4 times I skipped putting him on leash to go in, and just let him follow us off-lead. (It's not a very far distance to walk with us). About the 4th time I did this, he took off and ran across the road. When I followed to get him, he darted into the road and ran into the side of a passing car. Knocked him unconscious, but no other injuries. Needless to say, I don't want this to ever happen again).

I guess my main worry is whether an e-collar would be more reliable (if he was trained properly) than a long-line.
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An e-collar gives you the ability to communicate with your dog at great distances. However, that communication will only be as reliable as the training associated with it.

It would be a good way to teach permanent boundaries, or to improve on the reliability of recall. Training can be difficult to find however, and there are so many different opinions on the method that should be used.

Do some research or talk to any trainers you may know.
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