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Working or Show??

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I think this is where this goes; my apologies if it's not.

So these two breeders have been on my list for a while.

On the "Dogs you LOVE" thread, I posted a bitch from one of the kennels that I think is amazing. It was late and I'm a scatter-brain sometimes, but I thought one kennel was WGWL and one was WGSL. The one I thought was WGWL was the one I posted, and when I was corrected, I was like, "Oh, then the other breeder is the working line breeder."

But then I looked at the websites and realized that the sites just say German lines. So I think this whole time I just assumed?!

What lines are these breeders working with?

Breeder one (Scroll down to their German line dogs):
Scales Arizona German Shepherds

Breeder two:
Our Dogs
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On Musinger Dunn's site, on the About Us under Our Standards, one of the bullet points says, "To selectively breed the highest quality German confirmation and working bloodlines."

I think that's why I thought they were the WL breeder. Gah. Back to square one. LOL Why do lines have to be SO CONFUSING?
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