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Working or Show??

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I think this is where this goes; my apologies if it's not.

So these two breeders have been on my list for a while.

On the "Dogs you LOVE" thread, I posted a bitch from one of the kennels that I think is amazing. It was late and I'm a scatter-brain sometimes, but I thought one kennel was WGWL and one was WGSL. The one I thought was WGWL was the one I posted, and when I was corrected, I was like, "Oh, then the other breeder is the working line breeder."

But then I looked at the websites and realized that the sites just say German lines. So I think this whole time I just assumed?!

What lines are these breeders working with?

Breeder one (Scroll down to their German line dogs):
Scales Arizona German Shepherds

Breeder two:
Our Dogs
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Are you looking for a dog to do Sch, or something else?
Just because a dog is show lines does not mean they can't work, or won't be good at Sch. Bianca is from mostly WG show lines and most of the dogs on her pedigree are SCH3 (she's mostly from Bullinger on both sides.)
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