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wont go out when its raining

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ok just like subject said..tyson wont go out when its raining which means he's doin his business in the house...we try to take him out and he just runs for the door!! its can i fix this??
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Go out with him on a leash. Bring an umbrella.

If your signature is accurate, Tyson is only 10 weeks old. He isn't housebroken, so he still needs you out there with him praising and making sure he's doing his business.

While you're out there, create a command word that means "pee" or "poop" (I use the phrase "hurry up.") With enough repetition, you can teach your dog to go on command...which will come in handy at every rainstorm for the rest of his life. It's raining hard here right now. I open the back door, and say "hurry up!"--the dogs run out, quickly pee, then run back to the door.
Do you go out with him.

I always take my pups out and play in the rain or snow for a little while so they don't think it is a big deal. I find that if I think the weather is crappy and I really don't want to go out, then my pups act like that also.
yea i go out with him and he ignores me completely and stands at the door whineing like he's gonna and my g/f both go out and he still does the same thing
Despite the rain or cold take the dog out for at least fifteen minutes. It the dog still does not go, I can provide nothing helpful.
He can't stand at the door if he's leashed.

We go for walks in the rain, minus an umbrella. We play chase in the yard during the rain. Combined with my pup's love of water, it usually has him begging to go out when it rains.
Make rain FUN.
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My dog Maddie doesn't even want to go outside if the ground is wet. In the morning when the grass is wet with dew, Maddie will not go off the driveway. Luckily I live in Florida, and very seldom does the rain last all day. We just got Maddie 3 months ago and she is three years old. We are still learning about Maddie every day.
We had a terrible ice storm the other night. Max was freaking out because he was slipping on the ice. We did not have any salt or dirt left to put on top of it. So between the sleet that was pummeling down on us and the slippery ground, he was crying and did not want to be out there. This stupid storm lasted almost 24 hours and he would NOT go even though we were out there with him with his leash on. End of story. We all got soaked and Max refused to pee or poop. He ended up pooping on a paper we put by the door and held his pee ALL day. I could not believe it. We looked and looked everywhere and could not find anyplace where he peed.

With Max it was not so much getting wet he did not like it was the sound of the wind and the pelting sleet that made him upset.
Sasha is very girly and hates the feeling of soggy grass. I only have a small unfenced front yard, so I have to go out with them for potty breaks, rain or shine. I just give her the strict potty command and point to her usual area, and we don't come in until she goes.

She's learned that the quicker she gets her butt out there, the quicker she'll get to come back in. Nico just loves it, of course, and would stay out in the rain all day.
your going to have to turn rain time into play time, I got a raincoat and pants just for that. My one GSD is a weather wimp the other three will stand out in it all day
I agree with the other's, put him on a leash take some treats if that will help and make it fun. I'm lucky, Biker will go out even in a hurricane. Which he has. The rain doesn't bother him one bit. The only problem with the rain not bothering him is that he is in no hurry to do his business.
I'm with everyone else, when it rains I go out too! We go for walks in the rain, hikes in the rain, play in the rain.

So rain's just another normal part of life, that can be fun if I make it fun!
its not that he doesnt like goin out when its wet bc he like the snow..its kinda half snowing/raining outside right now and he was i think about it most of the times he's been in the rain its been at night..coulda been a little freaky for him
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