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Woman sues claiming dog Feces ruined outing

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why would u buy a toddler $54 shoes???...and why $100?? $46 for pain and suffering?? haha!! her s*&t must smell like roses
Real simple:

1. Stepping in poop could have been avoided by looking where they were going.

2. Stepping in poop does not require shoe replacement. Most shoes / sneakers can be washed or otherwise cleaned. The pressure washer at the car wash will take the poop off, as will a garden hose ...
The other 46 was for parking and admission. This is ridiculous.
OMG, I think people just get crazier and crazier... This is ridiculous!
I'm as against public poop as the next person but that is ridiculous. What kind of uptight twit buys their 1 year old $54 shoes? What is she buying Prada for her baby???
POOP!!!!! What a dip sh!^!!!!!
I don't know, maybe its just me, but when I step in poop, I find a garden hose, not a mall.

And $54 for shoes the kid is gonna grow out of in what 2 months? GET REAL.
frivolous lawsuits make me nuts!!get a life shoe MOM.Take a step back and ask yourself what is missing in your life that you came to this!!too dumb to understand what I said next ? to lawyer'are you such a loser that this kind of lawsuit is your life?
Sorry for rant but hits too close to home to me1
Originally Posted By: SunCzarina What kind of uptight twit buys their 1 year old $54 shoes? What is she buying Prada for her baby???
That's the minimum I pay for a pair of shoes for my son. He is a triple wide foot with a very high instep. Only Stride Rite will fit him, and they average anywhere from $40.00 - $70.00. He only ever has one pair at a time, and grows out of them quickly. He's needed these since he could walk ... and still needs them.

Anyway - If I thought they were ruined every time he stepped in something ... I'd be more broke than I am.

This woman should be counter-sued for wasting the time & money of the court system.
Sorry, I still think it's twittery to spend $54 on shoes for a one year old! Whoever is selling a $54 shoe for a toddler is just pandering to the people who feel the need for a Britax car seat.

My boys also have triple wide feet. My pediatrician says that as long as the shoe bends in half and doesn't give them blisters it's fine. Stride rite sucks people in with that first pair free deal and then tells you you need their suposedly perfect shoe. Reebok makes a wide for about $25 and Walmart sells little work boots for under $10.
Twittery? What does that mean? What is a Britax car seat?

Walmart shoes do not fit my son. Reeboks do not fit him. I've tried a dozen brands.
They need to actually GO ON his foot ... bending or not.

I'd love it if you could provide me with a less expensive solution, because I am not allowed to send him to day care barefoot or in flip flops.
It doesn't sound like this has gone so far as a lawsuit yet.

From the article:
"A New York woman has filed a $100 claim against Norwalk saying a family outing to the Maritime Aquarium was ruined by dog feces. The woman claims ...."

Filing a claim with the municipality is usually the first step before proceeding with an actual lawsuit. Hopefully, in this case this is as far as it goes. A lawyer will charge more than that with an hour billing time.
I hope they take the shoe with poop on it and hit her repeatedly over the head with it, maybe, just maybe, she'll have some sense knocked into her.!
Originally Posted By: SunCzarina What kind of uptight twit buys their 1 year old $54 shoes?
i know someone that would.... although the $54 pair probably would not be good enough. she would buy the $79 ones instead and thow the cheap $54 pair aside....
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