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Well, she's breeding her dog because so many people would like to have one of his puppies. I told her about dogs dieing in shelters, but she's pretty determined and plus since the demand is so high, she's pretty sure none of her pups will end up in a shelter.

I saw a thread in the section and I saw someone said they wanted one, so I thought you guys might be interested.

But, you guys might be right. So disregard this thread.
The thing about breeding is that it goes on and on. So suppose all of the pups find great homes and a couple of people decide to breed their dogs (or it happens accidentally). Then maybe they don't pay as much attention to where the dogs go and on and on and on...and that's how we end up with hundreds of thousands of dogs in animal shelters.

I've got an absolutely perfect dog right now and people tell me all of the time how much they'd love a dog just like him but I would never in a million years consider breeding him because I know there are so many other perfect dogs out there, just like him, waiting for homes.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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