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Wolf hybrids make extremely bad pets for the average pet owner. No matter how bad people may believe they want one of this puppies, chances are not good for them to live long, happy lives with their first owners. Most people only think they want a hybrid. They think it sounds cool, it's be neat to have pet that's close to being a wild animal or because they have a romanticized idea in their heads about wolves and wolf/hybrid ownership. The reality of the situation rarely matches what owners have in mind.

If you or anyone else is considering one of these puppies, I'd strongly suggest reading these articles and doing a lot of research: Wolf Park - Wolf Hybrid Articles

All that said, experts agree that the majority of wolf hybrids in the pet market are misrepresented. Most are just northern breed mixes that have a "wolfish" look to them (or sometimes not even that). The ones who do have wolf in the background are generally a much lower percentage than what is claimed.

If wolf hybrids appeal to you, I'd suggest searching Petfinder for Sibe or Malamute mixes. That's what most "hyrbids" are anyway. You can get the wolf look without the wolf ;)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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