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witch one of you?

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my trainer told me tonight that someone from this forum came to visit her this morning.
dutch-east dog training center.

who are you?
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That would be me lol. I've been having trouble dealing with my dog Reese's over-protectiveness (that's just the best way to describe it at this point) and read your post a week or so ago, I thought dutch-east sounded like a great place to check out.

This morning was our first training day and I am very pleased. Thank you for making your original post, I'm so glad that I came across it because aside from a couple of posts I pretty much just lurk here and there. I think we found exactly what Reese (and I) needed! Thanks again
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You know, I feel like even after one day with Carla she has already made a big difference, last night on Reese's walk she did not bark at a single person (which is something she does regularly) It could have a lot to do with her new collar but atleast that's a step in the right direction.

Carla was saying that she thinks Reese would be great moving up to the agility courses so I'm sure we'll be going to her for a long while. Hope to see you there too!
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