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Wisconsin HS, buyout Puppy Mill

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Thanks for posting. The Wisconsin Humane Society is perhaps one of the few in the country that could take this many dogs. They do a wonderful job, and rarely euthanize a dog.

I have cut and pasted the article.

Wisconsin Humane Society Agrees to Assume
Assets of State’s Largest Puppy Breeder

MILWAUKEE — In an unprecedented move locally and nationally, officials of the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) announced today that they have reached an agreement to buy the assets of Puppy Haven Kennel in Green Lake County, located about 20 miles northwest of Waupun. The owner, Wallace Havens, who runs one of the largest dog breeding facilities in the nation, has agreed to sell his dog breeding business assets to the Wisconsin Humane Society, who will cease operations at the Green Lake facility and find homes for more than 1,200 dogs who have been residing there.

Margaret Stratton, president of the board of the Wisconsin Humane Society said, “Assuming the assets of this facility will allow us to provide wonderful homes for more than a thousand dogs. These dogs will soon enjoy the love and companionship of people who will treat them as members of their families. To our knowledge, this groundbreaking action is unique in the humane movement. This is consistent with the Wisconsin Humane Society’s mission to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness. We are always working to educate people interested in obtaining a dog that they must consider the physical, social and emotional needs of the dog and find out as much as they can about the dog’s background.”

Havens estimates that he sells about 3,000 dogs per year. All of the dogs that the Wisconsin Humane Society obtains from Puppy Haven will be spayed or neutered, thus ending the production cycle that has kept them housed at Puppy Haven their entire lives. WHS veterinarians are currently evaluating many of the dogs and are readying them for adoption.

“Havens is proud of the fact that the dogs from his facility will be going to the Wisconsin Humane Society. He is retiring and not interested in pursuing a future breeding business. For that reason, Havens was willing to discount the sale of the kennel assets,” said Tony Enea, Wisconsin Humane Society board officer. According to Havens, “At this time in my life, selling the kennel assets to the Wisconsin Humane Society is the best choice for me and my family because the dogs that I bred will be in the best possible hands."

Victoria Wellens, executive director of the Wisconsin Humane Society, reported that the transfer of dogs will occur over several months so each dog can be provided with the best possible care while WHS continues to serve animals from the community. To date, about 300 dogs from Puppy Haven Kennel have been transferred to WHS to find homes. According to Wellens, a variety of unique resources will be required to place all of the dogs since many of them will need time to adjust and become accustomed to living closely with people. “Our employees and 900 volunteers are well prepared for this challenge to help provide a wonderful future for the dogs,” Wellens said.

Wellens also stated that PetSmart CharitiesTM has provided a generous gift of equipment to care for the animals, including leashes, collars, toys, food bowls and grooming supplies. There are many needs that still remain, which will be posted on the online WHS Wishlist.

The Wisconsin Humane Society has a 130-year history of providing leadership in the humane animal welfare field, and hopes that this action will be a catalyst for people to come together to enact stronger laws and regulations to end exploitation of breeding dogs.
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Nice that PetsMart is stepping up to help.
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