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Wire Crate / Kennel, what to do about blankets ?

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I have pretty much always had some kind of blanket in Duke's Kennel / Crate. We have recently gotten him a new one & much larger & open & looks like he's in a condo its a good sized LOL so I took the blankets out to wash them and before putting them back in I was folding one of them up to find a large hole so now I know he's been chewing the blankets ( which I know isn't new for him anyway ) should I take out the blankets for good now ? I was just out cleaning the yard and noticed a pc of blanket in some of his piles ( sorry I know I have seen this somewhere before ).

I just thought I was trying to make it a homey place for him rather than just wire and a plastic bottom. I think even if I put the plush fitting pillow in there he'd probably eat that too. I also had it to where it wasn't a solid blanket so if he was hot he could move to the plastic part of it to be cooled down.

Last night he was panting and would not sit still, he was not whining at all so I am not sure what to put in there for his bedding / den area. Its usually only bed time he is there.

Laura & Duke
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I'd put blankets back in but give him something to chew on
How old is he
Try giving him alternatives to chew on. Kongs, marrow bones, tough toys, etc. Rotate them for interest.

If he's still chewing on the blankets, try a new blanket.
I could maybe try a new blanket but any ones he's had in there he's eventually nibbled at, not bad but still nibbling. I thought of bones at night but then wasn't sure I wanted to hear him chomping, flinging it around the crate & licking while I am trying to sleep in the same room, I guess maybe that is what he needs just because I am tired doesn't mean he is but I am wondering if the noise would be bothersome. If he's in his crate if we run an errand, he ALWAYS has some sort of bone of some kind.

Oh, btw he is 10 months old.
I also don't like the plastic bottom, so I put there a rag, the same like we have in the bathroom on the floor, works really well, easy to clean too.
I had blankets in my male GSD's crate until I found out he had chewed a hole in it... I took the blanket out, did not have anything there for a while, put them back in, more holes showed up on the blankets...
I guess I would say don't use any blankets. With some dogs (like mine) it did not make a difference whether he had nylabones, kongs, etc etc, he would STILL chew on the blankets.. Now he is 2 yrs old and won't chew anymore. For the time being, take the blankets out but give him nylabones and kongs to chew on in the crate.
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I don't put any bedding at all in the crate--especially for a chewer. It's not worth the risk of choking or blockage if they swallow a hunk of fabric.

Mine preferred laying on the cool plastic pan anyway. When I used to put a blanket or fleece pad in the crate, the dog would push it into a corner and just lay on the pan.
I don't put anything in the bottom of Jackson's crate (its plastic) because of the chewing...and he prefers to nap on the tile floors anyway...probably cooler on his belly
Tracy, I agree it isn't worth the blockage and who knows maybe he had a slight block going because he wasn't eating a whole lot ( 2 cups a day max ) but the vet wasn't concerned - I didn't think it was to worry about this time either but when I saw his piles shows to prove otherwise possibly since it passed and guess what ? he ATE his breakfast this morning.

Ok, I am going to try the no blankets today / tonight and yea he might like it better.
Always had chew "stuff" left with him

So then I tried a pad with solid foam inside - Didn't get a picture of that one

He's now been out of the crate for a year but I never put bedding back in with him
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Both of my dogs have wire crates with plastic bottoms. I'm a computer technician, so we get tons of laptop shipping boxes and they all come with these square piece of foam. Two of them fit perfectly in Kenya's crate. She gets those with a blanket folded on top. When it gets dirty, I just toss the foam and put down two new pieces. We tried this with Coke, but he's what I call an "opportunistic chewer." He is not destructive, per se, and he doesn't have separation anxiety, but if he is bored and there is something in front of him to chew, he will chew it. Therefore, he sleeps on the plastic bottom. He's a big dog though, and he likes sleeping on cool ground. At night he sleeps on a hard wood floor instead of his dog bed.
Barb - They must be related LOL. Yes, its time for Duke's bedding to come out! so Dante is allowed out of the crate now huh ? how were you able to trust that one ? I'd be afraid he'd do that to a house hold item.
I've never crated Dante at night so the day was a natural extension of that.
What actually finally got me to not shut the door was last year we had a really hot spell and the bathroom is really the coolest place in my house. I put a nylabone in his crate and one in the bathroom and just left the house
He has never chewed anything he shouldn't since he's had the run of the house during the day.

I donated his crate to Oregon German Shepherd Rescue and since then he seems to prefer to be under my desk during the day, he misses his crate
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my boy never bothered the blankets. my dear GF made him a bed with a matching pillow will it brought out his shredder drive. go to the thrift store and buy some blankets. i would put some toys in his crate when he is crated.
Re: Wire Crate / Kennel, what to do about blankets

People have used the mats you can buy for horses to stand on- or some that are made for kennels. They are thick rubber and would provide some cushion. . .

This site has a lot of examples,
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