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We allow Dakota free reign on the basement, and most of the first floor.

Off limits are the living room and dining room on the 1st floor (new expensive hardwood flooring). The living room is where we have our Christmas tree. Last Christmas we invited her in for Christmas Eve. She hesiated but came in. She has never tried to revisit that room and will stop at the boundry. This Christmas we will invite her in too. I think she gets it.

Upstairs is off limits too. This is where our two cats have a dog free zone, plus new carpets. Every once in a while when only my son is home, she will sneak up to his room. She will great him with her ears back and looking very submissive. He just tells her to go back down stairs. This has happened maybe 4 times in two years.

I have taken her up to bath her, but I leash her.

My point is that it has worked for us.
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