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I do not think it would be confusing to your dog IF you have very clear rules and stick to them consistently.

In other words, if you want to only allow your dog in the living room when you are in it AND invite her in (such as by calling her), then you need to be very, very consistent in keeping her from entering when she is not invited.

My dog is allowed on both the couch and the bed IF she is invited up by either myself or my husband. If she were to decide to just jump on the couch, I would tell her "off" and send her to her pillow. If she "asks" to be allowed on the couch (she will come up and stare at me, hoping I will ask her up), and I don't want her on the couch, I will send her away.

This only works, of course, if your dog is supervised and you can correct the behavior you do not want (coming in without permission) and if you have a way of correcting her for the behavior, such as having her down/stay off the carpet or sending her to a rug or pillow until called.

It can be done without confusing the dog, but it has to be CLEAR from your end. This means you have to be consistent. You can't let her get away with it sometimes and not get away with it other times. Your family members can't allow her to get away with it, either!
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