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Will this last

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Ever since bo went to his new home Ty has been realy doing well,
I took him to a park let him of his lesh to play and to have a sniff around when i called him he came back all was well, then his saw two dogs one big one small he went over, the small one went to meet my dog, Ty run back to me with his tail between his legs and his ears flat, when the small dog went Ty went over to the big dog and stared to play, they played for 20 mins then i called him back so i could put him back on his lesh, on walking to the car other small dogs were going into the park again Ty was realy trying to get a way. Why is he scared of small but not big dogs and will he alway be like this. He starts puppy class this monday.
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Isn't he around Radar's age? Radar is four months and one week old. Small dogs can be more yippy- has he been exposed to them before? I'm sure that if he gets to see them in his class and has a positive fun experience with lots of treats the next class he will be excited to see his little buddies. We did a puppy social class with Radar and he was never scared of the other dogs but was just not that intested in them. By the end of the classes they were all great buddies! I think you will have a better experience introducing him to small dogs at class than you will at the park. It will be more controled and positive.

It's fun to see their personality develop- a few days ago Radar stole a canvas tote from my room and was dragging it around. I took it from him and put it away and today he stole it back. I figured what the heck I don't really need it so let him have it and he's been dragging it around for the last hour. It's his little man purse I guess!
sorry i forgot to say his age. Ty is 14 weeks this sunday. The small dog wasnt yappy at all, it just came over with his tail wgging.
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