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Hello! I just want some input about ears. I have been back and fort with a few german shepherd “experts” but I wanted to ask everyone hear. My pup is 9 months old now. At about 8 months old I glued my pups left ear as it had the seesaw affect. It would go up at random times but it would be down most of the time. So after gluing for 2 weeks the ear is now up and has been up for about 3 weeks. Although I glued it once more for reasons which I will expand on next. Because the ear had the seesaw affect (was bent falling down towards the opposite side of the middle of the head) there was a bent part. Now because of this bent part there is a little bump on the inside of the ear so I glued it again with the hopes of fixing the bump but my pup wasn’t Having it this time around so I took it off. Now the left ear seems to be a little weaker. Meaning it might ben a little more than the right one. The ear seems flimsy, for a better lack of words. I will attache three pictures, one with the ear down, one up, and one up close to the bump. Please let me know if you all think it will stay this way, and whether I should attempt to glue it once more. BTW, I say glue because I did not tape it. I bought foam ear forma and used skin glue to glue the foam to shape the ear. Thank you all.
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