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My mom was just over. She was awesome and brought me chicken noodle soup and cold medicine! She also brought her 3yr old boxer Annie.

Sage and Annie have been BFF's since I brought him home. Everyday I went to work parents picked up Sage and he went to their house and played with Annie all night. They have always gotten along so well, Sage LOVES her.

They haven't played together in about a month and only a few times total since Christmas. Its been too cold for Annie outside long and my parents are afraid of GSD hair in their house now (he sheds less than Annie IMO)

Well, mom brought Annie over to my house tonight. Sage was SOOOO excited and happy. He was whining with excitement (like always) whole body wagging and trying to lick her face. Annie however was not happy to see him and growled, snarled, foamed at the mouth and jumped up "boxing" him to keep him away. I seperated them had Sage calm down got a ball out and played fetch. Annie just stood there watching. Normally they chase together take turns with the ball chasing each other. I talked to her got her all excited and then she did chase the ball with Sage but once he got it she turned around and walked away. Sage ran to her with the ball like "hey look i got it come case me" and Annie again snarled at was like a snarling/barking if that makes since. Poor Sage didn't know what was going on. He was licking the air near her and whining not wanting to get close to her again. Not wanting to take anymore chances mom took Annie home.

Could this be an issue of Sage not being neutered? Annie is spayed and Sage did not try to hump her. He did end up jumping over her back since he's so much bigger than her and he was excited but it wasn't anything dominant and was less than a second that he was over her.
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