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I have had my male gsd for 7 months now. He is 14 months old.
The "problem" I'm having is he very rarely barks! When I first went to see him at his previous owners he barked like mad at us walking down the path and the lady says he is very good at barking when he hears something.
Since I've had him he never barks when people knockj at the door or walk down the path. The only thing he barks at is next doors cat when he can see it over the fence. It never really bothered me untill last week when the shed got broken into and he didnt make a sound, barely in mind the shed is directly out side the back door which is in the kitchen where the dog sleeps!! Is this normal??

Any help/advice would be greatly apprectiated.

N.B I have tried alsorts to get him to bark.

Thanks in advance.
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