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why to buy a shepherd, instead of a doberman?

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Hi guys, I'm gonna get another pup not until next year but, I started to do my search. I like dobermans and own one gsd. Is there anyone who own or any experience about both breeds? Don't tell me one is herding dog or other is working:)) I know this already. I just intend to compare dobermans to shepherds, in terms of trainability, character, loyalty, protection ability and intelligence. I'm gonna get a female dog, but I couldn't decide which breed. Actually I'm partial to shepherds I think, since I have one right now. So, let the experst talk...thanks
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I have limited experience with Dobe's ... but these are the differences I notice:

1.) They are not as trustworthy off lead. They have tunnel vision when there is something they want to chase - and that becomes more important than pleasing a master!
2.) Terribly hard headed (doesn't care as much about pleasing you - but don't take that as meaning they don't love you as much!) My Dobe mix will listen when it benefits him.
3.) Excellent family dog! Loyal, tolerant and caring of children (not saying you should leave any dog alone with any child), protective, very loving with his family.
4.) Scary quick learning! Very bright - but I guess GSD's are also

I"ll think of more I"m sure ....
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OK, this is just my opinion.
I've never owned a Doby but I've know people who have. Maybe it's a fluke but the ones I've known seem to be more high strung.
A shepherd is so versitile, it can do it all, but the shedding as you know is constant.
If I was to get another breed I would go with a Rottie. They are loyal, protective, family oriented and are real big sucks to the ones they love. Just love the personality of the dogs.
But my 3 girls might have something to say about that!
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I don`t know a lot about Dobies as I`ve had shepherds all my life. My brother had a couple Dobies and they are awesome dogs. Don`t seem to be the all around dog as a shepherd and I like the more solid stoutness of a shepherd. I always felt like my shepherds had a more level temperament.
lately all the dobermans i have met have had excellent temperment, solid nerves, and friendly, but i'm sure that's due to good breeding and socializing, as with GSDs.
I've owned a doberman and was actually looking for either a Doberman or a GSD before I got a dog. There are not as many dobies in rescue around here as there are GSD's, and since I have to rescue, I went with my shepherds.

I can't speak for all dobermans but the one I had and the others in my family have all been VERY intelligent and extrememly loyal. In fact I couldn't really tell much of a difference in personality between the two breeds and I guess that's why I like them both so much.

The one thing I *did* notice is that our Dobermans seemed to be "needier" then our German Shepherds. Constantly needing to be around us and there are more Dobermans I have known to suffer from things like seperation anxiety then the shepherds I have known. Their personalities seemed to be more sensitive I guess you could say.

I would loooove to have a Doberman along with my GSD's. I think they are fabulous!
The dobie I grew up with was higher energy than any Shepherd I've yet met, but she was an absolute sweetheart of a dog. Very protective, and a bit less predictable with strangers. Very affectionate to her people. Keep in mind that this opinion is based on one dog, so it probably isn't worth much.
GSDs have better fur to run your fingers through:) and Sheps are super dedicated to their packs.

first, let me applaud you for doing your research early

i currently own both gsds and a dobe, and i have handled both in the past; hands down, i'd take a gsd over a dobe in a heartbeat; my gsds are much more focused on me and really go out of their ways to be with me and to please me

i have a dobe whom i love very much; but, he is more detached from me than the gsds are; he is much more into himself and interested in those things that interest him; he's a tough dog, w/both dominant and aggressive tendencies, so i have no complaints in the working dog area; but he is less interested in working for me (and i've seen this before in other dobes) and more interested in working for other words, what's in it for him, not me

i always wanted a dobe and now that i've got him, he'll be my last; i'm sticking to the all around work dog, the gsd

btw, i don't think a dobe is any more dangerous than a gsd; they are a trustworthy breed; but, i will tell you, they are harder to read than a gsd is; most people are afraid of my dobe b/c he has a shadow over his red points on his face, so he looks really fearsome; even my vet is nervous around this dog; he's quicker to challenge me than any other gsd i've ever had and has in fact bitten me; he keeps me on my toes, lol; i love him and he'll have a home w/me til he dies, but after him, it will be gsds only, even if they do shed an entire dog a day
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ive never actually owned a dobie myself but our cousin has and he had alot of problems with zeus. zeus would tear his mattress apar tjust for the fun of it. i also agree with LUV gsd because gsd do have beautiful fur to run your fingers with.Dobies are more intuned with themselves, gsd are dedicated to their family as a whole, humans, and other furries and feathered friends.

they are hyper from what i have seen, constantly want attention and can become nippy with kids. a gsd has teh patience of a super star. ive seen kids hit them with egg flippers, toys etc and the dogs sit there and take it.
I've had many, many Dobes over 25 years(about 300). Needless to say, I think you cann't find a better breed anywhere.

However, when my last one died, I didn't replace her. I was tired of ear and tail cropping---and with all the animal do gooders without enough brains to blow their noses pushing anti-cropping legislation everywhere, it was getting to be a real problem with shows, working, puppy sales.

And, I was getting tired of the "Oh, they're vicious, turn on their owners, attack and kill anything they see.......bullcompost."(You get a little of that with GSD's, but NOTHING like you do with Dobes.

I had had all colors in my kennel,(black, red, blue, fawn) and was fond of fawn color. So I looked into Weimaraners---I'd worked with a few training before, but never owned one. Well, after I got Enka, there were many times that I thought to myself that without the ears cropped or the typical Dobe markings it is really hard to tell a fawn Dobe from a Weim---especially if you are more than a few feet away. As for temperament, intelligence and working ability they are completely the same.

I got Enka and Dixie just about the same time. Enka was about 2 months older, got her first, did puppy training then brought Dixie in. I couldn't have made a better choice, the two breeds are very complimentary to each other.

Doberman is one of the best breeds you can possibly pick in my opinion. The croppinng is a lot of added work though and difficult for someone who isn't experienced with it.

Before you make your final decision, look at Weimaraners too.

Here are my Weimaraner boards:

European Weimaraners

MSN Weimaraners
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Are you planning to go to a dobie board and ask the same queston? I'd be interested to hear their responses.
A friend has a dobie and my DH's dad used to have one. We have always had GSD. Now just going off of this, the Dobies are stubborn but very smart! I don't think they are the best family dog because of the stubborness. they get bored a lot faster than a GSD. But for a family with older kids either is ok. With younger kids for sure a GSD.
Thank you guys..
Quote: I just intend to compare dobermans to shepherds, in terms of trainability, character, loyalty, protection ability and intelligence.
Completely equal in all respects---Dobes and Weims are a bit more high energy from working lines, but working line GSDs can be too, so again, pretty much equal.

BTW---if you are getting a female pup---is it going to be with a male? Is he nuetered? Mixing M/F like that can be a real huge headache later----even if you are planning to breed, they often take it upon themselves to set a different timetable than you had in mind. At least one(or both) should be nuetered even if you are planniing to show/breed, or something along those lines. Keep in mind that nuetered can not be shown or participate in certain breed working trials(for instance, if you got a Weim, it could not participate in AKC field champion events---they are a breeding test for hunting performance)
Are you really asking this question?

Hmm, should I buy a Porsche 911 Carrera or Chevrolet Corvette?
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You may want to go to the LEERBURG forum and PM Cindy. She used to breed Dobermann's and may be a big help to you.
carolyn i salute you. i never would have thought about it that way. what a comparison.
GSDs = more hair. Better decorative effects with more dust bunnies. Dog looks better with furniture than dobbie.
GSDs = less plastic surgery (ie ears/tail)
GSDs = less need for human made coats in winter/rain
GSDs = more pathetic looking when wet because they use their coats and not a layer of fat.
GSDs = something to brush and use all that extra time. Like how many seconds does it take to groom a dobbie?

My experience with a friend's dobbies - both breeds are smart, loyal, willing to learn (but not always what you intend to teach) and enthusiastic. Both breeds have a significant health problems to which they are predisposed and are rather short lived.

Now I'll go read the "sensible" responses from other people....
OK I've read the responses - and my experience is very different with dobbies -
The ones I've known have not been high strung. At least not more than my sheps. Of course my eldest wins focus too. Give her a horse... My friend who I've known for some 30 years never cropped a dobbie's ears and she's had them all that time. I've found them very trainable, very amenable and quite loyal.

But let me add to my first post the thought -
I wouldn't know what to do without dog hair accessorizing my wardrobe. You just don't get the same effect with that little bit of dobbie hair.
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