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Why Agility isn't about perfect (w/video)

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If watching Susan Garrett slam into the teeter wasn't enough to show you that we ALL make mistakes in agility and that's just part of the game. She just put up more on her blog (with videos she narrates ) of how she not only walked and learned ONE part of a course wrong, she also didn't walk another part of the same course later properly. So this was at a WORLD championship, at the highest level, and a team event.

The Less Obvious Lesson | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog

So just remember to get out there, have fun, and not beat yourself up too badly if something doesn't go as planned. That's AGILITY! :wild:
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WOW... that was amazing... even with doing it wrong i couldn't dream of training my dog that well, that was straight up awesome. I've never watched a dog show, honestly, i would be happy as long as he can get his CGC... that video was just jaw dropping
What's great about agility is we all can do it if we find a great place to train!

Here's a Novice course with a GSD so it's not quite so amazing when we start (though this is a nice run!)

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