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White Party

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I took Lakota for a visit Sunday to the couple that I got her from. They have mom, dad, a sister and a brother. I thought I had a lot with 3 dogs. Everyone was good. I do think she remembered the house because she went to the room where they were kept. We are having a birthday party in January hopefully the other 2 pups will be there too.
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Lakota is the only one with a collar on. Unfortunately they had a collar tragedy years ago.
what happened with the collar?
Several years ago they had a dog hang himself by the collar.

Unlike my traditional colored GSD, the white ones had terrible skin allergies and several times a year, they itched and lost hair, usually near hind legs and hind end. Has anyone else noticed this with white GSDs?

I did notice that dad was missing a patch of hair on his rump. Next time I talk to them I will ask, they have had whites for several years. So far Lakota (KNOCK WOOD) is not showing any issues.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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