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Since this past tuesday a cousin have been staying in the house, helios acted perfectly fine, he seemed to like him, we introduced both of them before getting in the house, only barked at my cousin when he got out of my bedroom's bathroom he then settled down right away but yesterday another cousin arrived, this cousin is the mom of a 5MO baby, helios didn't mind the mom at all but he'd bark at the baby, I let him sniff some clothe and the baby carriage (SP?) and he seemed fine but only when the baby is quiet now if helios hears the baby laugh or cry he gets very anxious then the pitchy/sharp bark and whining comes and he'll even try to get out of the crate if he's in it. I wanted to see how he'd react on leash and it's the same thing, whining/lunging, i have to keep him away from the baby thus away from the family and myself included LOL.....:shrug:

They won't be staying for long but yet this is the first time helios sees a baby and If he's reacting with this one perhaps he'll react to others and this is something i'd like to work with him..

Is there something I can do? Any ideas?

thanks :p
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