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Which one do you have?

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I am trying to find pet insurance for Shane, but this almost as bad as trying to find health insurance for me. I am really having problems because I never heard of some of these companies. Can you guys tell me what insurance company you use, if you use pet care? Thank you.
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Have you chacked out "ShelterCare Pet Insurance?" I don't have any personal experiences but people I know have their dogs insured through ShelterCare and they are very happy with it.

ShelterCare Pet Insurance:
I have VPI pet insurance, I'm pretty happy with it..
Petplan The people are really nice there and they cover genetic problems
I also have VPI pet insurance for Molly.
Does anyone have Embrace Pet Insurance?
I went with VPI insurance, but coverage doesn't start till July 13, anyway to speed this up?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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