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Which "grain free" do you use and WHY?

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Just curious for those that feed grain free kibble, WHY you chose the one you did.

Also for those that have fed more than one, what did you try first?
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Wellness Core is the first grain free I've fed.
I'm concerned about the high protien levels in foods like Evo so wanted a food with a bit lower protien and Core was the first of those that I have easy access too.

Bad news is that the gas just hasn't gone away completely and I'm going to be changing again
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Orijen because I can get it here in Germany, and it has less fat that Barking at the Moon. Goddess willing, we will be switching to raw in a few months.
I went with EVO Red Meat. I liked what I heard about it, but mostly it was available at the pet food store where I was already buying her food.

However I've found out that our new trainer sells Orijen, so I'm looking into switching Freyja over to that instead. I like the idea that Orijen manufactures their own food locally. I've just heard nothing but good stuff about it.
Originally Posted By: Barb E.
Bad news is that the gas just hasn't gone away completely and I'm going to be changing again
Sorry to hear aobut the farts issue.

Have you looked into "Before Grain". All 3 of their flavors are 32% protien, 15% fat
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Where you buy her food? Just curious if it is one of the places I went to when I was in Vanc. last month. (AND the month before.)
Currently feeding Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. Why? Because it doesn't have anything that she's allergic to and the % of fat isn't too high.

Previously -

Nature's Variety Instinct - allergic
Wellness Core Fish - allergic
Orijen 6 Fish - allergic (what a bummer because I think this is a terrific food)
SG Barking at the Moon - a little too much fat
Ditto to LJ for some of mine. I can use it for puppies and adults. The other TOTW are much higher proteins and not for puppies.

I have fed regular EVO before and like it, just not the price and I can't get it wholesale so I don't buy it anymore.
I started with Natural Balance Premium because that's what my breeder recommended. I switched over to Natual Balance Duck and Potato because I believed she had allergies to something in the original formula.
Currently, I am feeding EVO, both chicken and red meat, with excellent results. Small (tiny, really) firm stools, energy through the roof :), great skin and coat and no gas! I tried the Diamond brand Taste of the Wild, but she didn't like it very much at all. I also tried Merricks Before Grain, which she loved..but gave her the WORST gas.
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Another vote for EVO Red Meat. I feed the large bites.

Natura is made in the US from US ingredients and that makes me feel alot more secure right there. I was already sold on the manufacturer having fed another label of their's, California Natural.

I'm not concerned about the protein levels as my dogs are quite active and fully adult either in their prime or just slightly past it. I may consider a lower protein brand for Odin as he gets older.

As I said, I was already sold on their other label. It produced much better coats and skin. I was just seeking to improve a good thing in taking grain out of their diet and I wanted to stay with a manufacturer already proven to me in doing so. Since moving to EVO Odin's paint peeling farts have finally gone away and as was said stools are now much, much smaller showing a good absorbtion of nutrition. It also cured Odin's "winter nose" issue. He's always had issues with food and this kind seems to be the best match I've found for him.
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Instinct - I rotate the various kibble formulas, and feed canned Instinct now and then. It's the only one that doesn't have potato. I have a GSD with potato allergies and a senior dog that has minor arthritis so avoiding potato is important to me. I like that Nature's Variety is a company that gets the raw food concept, and I haven't had any problems with the high fat & protein in my dog's diet. I test her blood every 6 months. Everything looks great.

I've been mixing in Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato to get the overall fat percentage down. But her energy level seemed to decrease as well. So I'm done with that experiment. (Zamboni, the guinea pig!
) I like NB F&SP because the fish and sweet potato are great in antioxidants. But I like Instinct just fine on its own.
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Chama eats Orijen fish. She's doing great on it but it's really high in both fat and protein (and she's 13) so she only gets a little over a cup a day and i supplement with canned and fresh foods.

Rafi has tried two different varieties of TOTW and is now on CORE reduced fat. He's not throwing up anymore but I have yet to find a food that gives him good poops. And he can't eat more than 2 cups of kibble a day without getting sick so he gets all kind of other stuff in his food.

Orijen is my favorite but like others I am concerned about the high protein so would continue to mix with canned and fresh foods.
We're on TOTW Wetlands.
Jack has had skin issues since a little after we got him, the vet couldn't figure out what it was--we went from carpet to no carpet. Cleaning as much dust as possible in an old 1890 house (still fighting that battle
). Switched foods numerous times. He's also had squishy poop on chicken & beef flavored foods. Lamb he does good on, but the rice or something was making his skin red.
So we went with grain free. We tried Nature's Recipe for awhile, got a little better. Then decided to go with a better quality food. TOTW wetlands just so happened to be the one we tried. EXCELLENT! No more itchies & squishies.

Although we do want some variety in everybody's foods. I've heard good things about Wellness core ocean so we're going to try to rotate that in with the TOTW. (we need a "fingers crossed" smiley)
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Originally Posted By: BlackGSDRebecca,

Where you buy her food? Just curious if it is one of the places I went to when I was in Vanc. last month. (AND the month before.)
I've been getting her food from Natural Pet Northwest.
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Orijen. After much comparison I have gone with Orijen because they are a small family owned canadian business that manufactures the food themselves with great quality control and buys only locally produed ingrediants.
My Gunner loves it and is doing fantastic on it.
Oriijen for same reasons given above
wellness core ocean and core original. relatively low fat (14%). protein levels not crazy high and calcium and phosphorus not real high. some gas, but after about a month it has been less. price is ok as grainless goes-$46 for 26 lb bag at pets supplies plus.
Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison - use this b/c she isn't allergic to any of the ingredients. And, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the Royal Canin IVD from the Vets office.
I tried EVO first, but wasn't too happy with Sheba's poop on it. Went to Nature's Variety Instinct and am very happy with the results. Tried the Core when that came out because a store close to me carries it, but Sheba was very gassy, so we went back to Instinct.
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