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I'm just wondering, at what age would you consider something that could be attributable to puppyhood when younger be a problem when older?

I see some traits in our puppy that sometimes I wonder about having to train out of her. In particular, fixation. When our puppy gets fixated on something, she is seriously fixated. And won't forget about it. If we're just walking normally, then she's a pretty good walker. But when my wife and I are out with her and my wife jogs ahead while I walk, our puppy will go absolutely nuts trying to get to her. I'm not entirely sure how long that would go on for either, so far we've gone about 15 minutes with my wife out of sight (and the puppy and I off her trail so that she's not trying to track). She pulls at the leash and throws hissy fits constantly. The frustrating thing is that she'll walk beside me for two or three steps and then bolt out at top speed till she hits the end of her (short) leash, then goes nuts again. Then she sits quietly, looks at me, whimpers a bit... then as soon as we start walking it's full speed ahead again. Every step.

I've read that eventually the puppy figures out that if she's pulling on the leash, stop walking. She just goes nowhere, so it's in her best interest to simply not pull. She's got the sit and wait part down, it's the explode out in to top speed that's frustrating. We've been working on this for the 7 or so weeks that we've had her, but if something in front of her catches her attention she just does the run-choke-hissyfit-sit-then run-choke all over again.

At 37 pounds, she's getting to be a powerful puppy. In just the past week my back's been out twice from walking her (she's always on a short leash, but it's still tiring holding her and is quite a jolt when she hits the end of it) and man my arms are getting tired. If she just weren't getting fixated her walks would be actually pretty good. Otherwise she's been a good girl, sit, stay, lay down, her recall is pretty poopy still but everything else has been good. Does that fixation go away or is it something we just need to keep training and training on? She's 17 weeks, almost 18, by the way.

Thanks everyone!
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